ZF-11510: ContextSwitch setAutoJsonSerialization is not working


I am refering to:…

"JSON. The JSON context sets the 'Content-Type' response header to 'application/json', and the view script suffix to 'json.phtml'. By default, however, no view script is required. It will simply serialize all view variables, and emit the JSON response immediately. This behaviour can be disabled by turning off the automatic JSON serialization: $this->_helper->contextSwitch()->setAutoJsonSerialization(false);"

I noticed that $this->_helper->contextSwitch()->setAutoJsonSerialization(true) does nothing. I found getters and setters in the library, but they are never used from the view classes etc.

Either this feature should be removed from the manual or fixed :-) (while I would definitly prefer the second option) ;-)


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