ZF-11540: Zend_Form_Element_Select generates non valid Xhtml code


Zend_Form_Element_Select doesn't generate valid code

if i use {{$listini->addMultiOptions($listini_options);}}

with this array

Array ( [] => Qualsiasi Listino [listini_validi] => Array ( [1] => Listino Geografico 2011 )


i get this html code, which is not valid Qualsiasi Listino

<optgroup id="listino_id-optgroup-Listini validi: " label="Listini validi: ">
<option value="1" label="Listino Geografico 2011">Listino Geografico 2011</option>

with this error {quote} Line 696, Column 46: value of attribute "id" must be a single token


This attribute can not take a space-separated list of words as a value, but only one word ("token"). This may also be caused by the use of a space for the value of an attribute which does not permit it. {quote}

also this example seems to produce totaly wrong output,…

so i give up on trying to specify the id of optgroup, but the solution would be to strip the id optgroup of white spaces after zend form magicaly auto generates it


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