ZF-11560: add getTotalUploadViews Method to Zend_Gdata_YouTube_Extension_Statistics


There is an element inside of the node that is currently not able to be pulled by a Zend method. The element is called totalUploadViews. All other elements in the statistics node have a method except for this one.

Could this be added to the API?

Thank you for your time,


The actual version looks for the attribute favoriteCount in the element . This attribute doesn't exist in the atom feed. To quickly fix this bug, edit the class Gdata/YouTube/Extension/Statistics.php and replace all variables by : - $_favoriteCount => $_totalUploadViews - _favoriteCount => _totalUploadViews - $favoriteCount => $totalUploadViews

then, at the line 142 replace : "$element->setAttribute('favoriteCount'" => "$element->setAttribute('totalUploadViews',"

and finally update the getter/setter methods by getTotalUploadViews and setTotalUploadViews