ZF-11563: zend_form_element_file creating a custom element ( )


hi i would like to create a custom element where this element would have

1 file element 1 text element (for a caption for the file)

however the view helper it hard coded into the Zend_Form_Element_File class

why a want to create a combo element like this is because i got 10 files to upload on a page and if I have to use 2 elements instead of 1 combo element then there will be a lot more code to to create a work around or 2to3 times more calling to the data base which mean more server load

there is a related bug already mentioned but it seem is not an issue BUT it is because its the same issue i currently have.

Also this is the only element that does not have a value if there was just text to state a file name that already uploaded when form was populated that would make the user experience so much better


Reclassifying as minor new feature. The use case you describe is not in the scope of the current Zend_Form_Element_File / Zend_View_Helper_FormFile pair. What you will need to do is extend the existing elements to create a "combo element" class. An example of how this is done can be seen here (it's a three-field date element, but the principle is the same)…