ZF-11596: ZendX's unit tests fail with 1 error and 4 failures


Steps to reproduce:

cd /path/to/zf-extras/tests
phpunit --include-path=/path/to/zf/tests AllTests.php

Test results:

There was 1 error:

1) ZendX_JQuery_Form_DecoratorTest::testUiWidgetPaneRenderingNoPaneWhenElementHasNoView
Zend_Form_Decorator_Exception: UiWidgetPane Decorators have to have a jQueryParam 'title' to render. This title can been set via setJQueryParam('title') on the parent element.



There were 4 failures:

1) ZendX_Console_Process_UnixTest::testAutomaticEnding
Failed asserting that 


Patch attached...

I have removed the following test method because {{getView()}} inside the {{render()}} method will always return a view because it will be created if not set.

-    public function testUiWidgetPaneRenderingNoPaneWhenElementHasNoView()
-    {
-        $spinner = new ZendX_JQuery_Form_Element_Spinner("spinner1");
-        $pane = new ZendX_JQuery_Form_Decorator_TabPane();
-        $pane->setElement($spinner);
-        $this->assertEquals("justthis", $pane->render("justthis"));
-    }

Set components and Auto-reassign

Related with issue ZF-10460

For ZendX_JQuery all tests passed. (Version 1.11.11)

ZendX_JQuery removed as an affected component.