ZF-11636: Zend_Application_Resource_Multidb with CacheManager doesn't cache


I have configured Multidb with CacheManager as per documentation (see below). No errors in logs, full access to filesystem, everything should work like charm, the only problem is that no cache is created...

1) CacheManager configuration: = Core resources.cachemanager.database.frontend.customFrontendNaming = false resources.cachemanager.database.frontend.options.lifetime = 7200 resources.cachemanager.database.frontend.options.automatic_serialization = true = File resources.cachemanager.database.backend.customBackendNaming = false resources.cachemanager.database.backend.options.cache_dir = APPLICATION_PATH "/../temp/cache" resources.cachemanager.database.frontendBackendAutoload = false

2) Multidb configuration: resources.multidb.defaultMetadataCache = "database"

resources.multidb.db1.adapter = "pdo_mysql" = "localhost" resources.multidb.db1.username = "webuser" resources.multidb.db1.password = "XXXX" resources.multidb.db1.dbname = "db1" resources.multidb.db1.default = true

resources.multidb.db2.adapter = "pdo_pgsql" = "" resources.multidb.db2.username = "dba" resources.multidb.db2.password = "notthatpublic" resources.multidb.db2.dbname = "db2"


Exists a problem before 1.11.1 but already was fixed. See here a reproduce

Greetings Ramon

Feel free to reopen case are given more information. See…

Greetings Ramon

Why this issue was closed? It is not fixed at all... I am expecting caching files to be created in APPLICATION_PATH "/../temp/cache", but instead it does nothing!