ZF-11648: Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Http doesn't expose it's upload validator


The Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Http adds the upload validator within itself, but don't expose it so users can access it, remove it or change the validator behivor such as change error message. It allows to set new validators but upload validator require the filesList array in the constructor, which is an internal variable and cannot be accessed from outside of the class.


Without the upload validator a file transfer is not possible. When a user would be able to delete the upload validator no file could be uploaded.

But you can set your own upload validator with setValidators() where you can set your own error messages. Additionally you can simply use the validation resources which are available for about 15 languages to set your own error messages.

And there is no filesList array within the Http adapter. But the internal _files() array is only protected which means that you can access it by extending the base class.

When you want to do something special (not noted in your description) feel free to open a new issue with an example of your problem. Changing error messages is possible and should not be a reason to provide the internal files array to public to prevent security risks.

Closing as no issue related to the described problem