ZF-11668: Zend_Paginator still buggy in release-1.11.7


Zend_Paginator still buggy in release-1.11.7 (using version from svn tag).

When cacheing enabled:

I think what's happening is: when saving result to cache _getCacheInternalId uses select object to generate id. This select object does have LIMIT and OFFSET set (Zend_Paginator line 788 adds that to select). Later when paginator tries to get results from cache _getCacheInternalId returns different id because it does not contain LIMIT and OFFSET.

Also it seems that adding profiler is causing select object to be different on every request due to adding microtimes to certain properties so I'm not sure whether this has been fixed already but it seems it's still an issue in 1.11.7




Duplicate of ZF-6989, which has been reopened.