ZF-11698: Zend_Acl "Notice: Undefined index: allPrivileges in ...\library\Zend\Acl.php on line 761"


I have a class which extends Zend_Acl and sets up a lot of default permissions for my application. There are times when I need to re-set the permissions back to a default and to do so I'm trying to call "$this->removeAllow();" and "$this->removeDeny();".

Both calls seem to output the notice as listed in the title.


Dropped priority to minor, as there is no loss of functionality just an annoying E_NOTICE.

Could you please provide a short sample which reproduces your issue? I've been using Zend_Acl in situations similar to what you describe and haven't encountered any notices being emitted because {{allPrivileges}} is undefined.

Could not reproduce against trunk. Please reopen this ticketif you can provide additional information that would help reproduce the issue.

I have the same problema.

Look for this example code. Ist result in error quote in top:

$acl = new Zend_Acl(); $acl->addResource('padrao'); $acl->addRole('usuario'); $acl->allow('usuario', 'padrao', 'acessar'); echo $acl->isAllowed('usuario', 'padrao', 'acessar') . "\n
"; $acl->removeAllow(); echo $acl->isAllowed('usuario', 'padrao', 'acessar') . "\n