ZF-11720: Edit Zend_Navigation documentation for ZF-10465, ZF-8922, ZF-9746, ZF-9543, ZF-9815, ZF-10727 and ZF-9994 where applicable


h3. Tasks for docs

||Issue||Summary||Status|| |ZF-10465|Add option 'encodeUrl' to Zend_Page_MVC config|(/)| |ZF-8922|Adding an Anchor property to Zend_Navigation_Page_Mvc|(/)| |ZF-9746|Attribs for Zend_Navigation|(/)| |ZF-9543|class="active" is hard-code|(/)| |ZF-9815|Zend_Navigation_Container::addPages() should accept a Zend_Navigation_Container|(/)| |ZF-10727|Merging array in method setParams() of Zend_Navigation_Page_Mvc class|(/)| |ZF-9994|Zend_Navigation_Container improve filtering|(/)|

(/) Patch added (x) Is missing


Patch for docs added. (ZF-8922 and ZF-9746)

Patch for docs added. (ZF-10465)

Patch for docs added. (ZF-9815)

Have the remaining missing documentation been added since this issue was last updated?

Hi Adam,

  • {{Zend_Navigation-Containers.xml.patch}} is related to ZF-9994 and this issue is still open!
  • {{Zend_Navigation-Pages-Common.xml.patch}} is related to issues which are fixed with 1.11.11
  • {{Zend_Navigation-Pages-MVC.xml.patch}} is related to an issue which is fixed with 1.11.11

I will work on this to ensure that it is ready for 1.12!

Patch for docs added. (ZF-10727)

Patch for docs added. (ZF-9543)

Fixed in trunk (1.12.0): r24866