ZF-11738: Zend email validator


Recently I came across a wired email address air& According to mail server the email address is valid. But when I try to validate this email using Zend_Validate_EmailAddress this returning me false.

I though of reporting it here. I use the latest zend library and my folder structure is zend 1.6 I think.


Which options have been used?

Please note that 1.10 is not the latest release. I would propose to try the latest 1.11 release and see if the bug persists in the latest release.

We do update our library very often so I am pretty sure that the zend library is uptodate. only the zend folder structure and the config methods are old.

The latest SVN version for the zend validate email I got is 24305

I can not verify this behaviour:

$validator = new Zend_Validate_EmailAddress();

The above example returns true for me.

Closing as non reproduceable as there is no further response from the reporter