ZF-11800: </form> always included with form helper


This just happend when I upgrades to 1.11.11 is it is destroying all my forms. Hence the critical setting, for us who is using this extensively to create the form starter (but doing the form manually) this is critical.

The documentation states:

"form($name, $attribs, $content): Generates an XHTML form. All $attribs are escaped and rendered as XHTML attributes of the form tag. If $content is present and not a boolean FALSE, then that content is rendered within the start and close form tags; if $content is a boolean FALSE (the default), only the opening form tag is generated. "

So, if no content variable is set (or set to false) the should not be included. However, in 1.11.11 this does not work. Looking at the code, the last part of the helper looks like this:

if (false !== $content) { $xhtml .= $content; } $xhtml .= '';

So it is obvious that is included every time regardless of the value of $content. The code should be like this:

if (false !== $content) { $xhtml .= $content; $xhtml .= ''; }


See ZF-11747 (specifically, this comment)