ZF-11841: Zend_View_Helper documnetation is lagging behind


Very much of the documentation is lagging behind regarding Zend_View_Helper_*

E.g. the methods of HeadScript helper (…) are not up to date! If you compare with api doc at you will find many things that does not exist anymore. E.g. if you search for "appendFile" in the whole api doc you do not find at least a single method with this name but its documented in the manual (link above).

Further there is only a (very) bad documentation for the api. E.g. if you have to pass an array of options to a method there is only "array" documented as an argument. But how do i find out what options I have to pass with that array? (e.g. append method of HeadScript helper)


Actually, the majority of the "methods" available in the various head*() helpers are provided via method overloading; you need to look at the __call() method's docblock in these cases to see what virtual methods it exposes. The end-user documentation typically details all of these individually, however, just as you detail here.

Regarding array argument types, we typically try to document these with their methods. If you are not finding such documentation, please re-open this issue and call out specifics.