ZF-11889: Zend_Cloud_StorageService_Adapter_S3::listItems() only returns maximum of 1000 filepaths (in wrong format)


It is only possible to retrieve 1000 filepaths using Zend_Cloud_StorageService_Adapter_S3::listItems(), then the paths are returned in a different format to Zend_Cloud_StorageService_Adapter_FileSystem::listItems().

Zend_Cloud_StorageService_Adapter_FileSystem::listItems() returns an array of paths relative to it's first argument whereas Zend_Cloud_StorageService_Adapter_S3::listItems() returns an array of absolute paths relative to the root of the FS.

Could we ensure that the filepaths returned are in the same (relative) format?


Not sure if this should be a separate issue or not, but the path passed into Zend_Cloud_StorageService_Adapter_S3::listItems() is also ignored. It should set the 'prefix' option for Zend_Service_Amazon_S3::getObjectsByBucket().