ZF-11894: Zend_View_Exception should be in Zend_View package not in Zend_Date package(docblock issue)


Current Docblock for Zend_View_Exception:

/** * Exception for Zend_View class. * * ... * @package Zend_Date * ... */

should be:

/** * Exception for Zend_View class. * * ... * @package Zend_View * ... */

Zend_View_Exception docblock correction must also be applied to Zend/View/Exception page dockblock.

This issue makes ZF api browser to put automatically Zend_View_Exception under Zend_Date package when it should be in Zend_View package.


Removed Zend_Date from affected components as the bug is within Zend_View and reassigned to component maintainer

Fixed in trunk r24559 Merged to release-1.11 in r24560

Not an issue in ZF2.