ZF-11925: Support the URL shortener service

Description is one of the more popular shortening services. They offer short URLs from and You can also shorten URLs at your own domain with them.

I've already written the code for this, and I will be submitting a patch shortly.


Are you still planning to provide a patch for this? The upcoming release of ZF v1.12 might be your last chance to get this functionality into the ZF distribution.

i have attached my solution (tests included)

Artem: Thanks! Your best bet now would be to contact [~rob] (Akrabat) to discuss including your component in ZF 1.12. I'm not completely certain of how the process will work, but you will need to write a proposal in the ZFPROP wiki space (example: this one is accepted for ZF1.12:…). You will also need to update the relevant documentation for {Zend_Service_ShortUrl}.

Edit: There is already a {{Zend_Service_ShortUrl_Bitly}} proposal you could copy from/take over:…)

here are the missing docs

We will accept this. I hope to review the code this week.

In the documentation there is an error using the . You can have only one funcparams tag in each . If you have multiple parameters you can specify each of them separate by comma as value of the .

Thanks Enrico. Can you fix the doc issue and then commit to SVN please?

Fixed with commit #24745