ZF-11961: Amelioration class Zend_Http_UserAgent_Features_Adapter_WurflApi


On line 83 :

Replace :

$wurflConfig->wurflFile($c['wurfl']['main-file']) ->wurflPatch($c['wurfl']['patches']) ->persistence($c['persistence']['provider'], $c['persistence']['dir']);

With :

$wurflConfig->wurflFile($c['wurfl']['main-file']) ->wurflPatch($c['wurfl']['patches']) ->persistence($c['persistence']['provider'], $c['persistence']['params']) ->allowReload($c['allow-reload']);

I do not understand why it requires a directory as a parameter so that we can pass any provider...


What problem does this code solve?

@Adam Lundrigan

With this code, you can easily use any persistance like memcached with WURFL because the original code "->persistence($c['persistence']['provider'], $c['persistence']['dir']);" forces you to use a directory which is not required with the others persistance methods allowed. Sometimes it cause a bug with some specifics apache server configurations.