ZF-12003: Zend_Validate_Hostname fails on domain containing dashes


Zend_Validate_Hostname fails on domain containing dashes. E.g. valid cyrillic domain like "вася-пупкин.рф" after processing with 'idn_to_ascii' function becomes invalid for Zend_Validate_Hostname while "васяпупкин.рф" is still valid. The problem can be in th way Zend_Validate_Hostname processes dashes at the beginning of ascii-represented domains. Thus, idn_to_ascii("васяпупкин.рф") results in 'xn--80adthqjaot2j.xn--p1ai' string with two dashes on positions 3 and 4. idn_to_ascii("вася-пупкин.рф") results in 'xn----7sbf0ajtlapw3k.xn--p1ai' string with FOUR dashes on positions 3-6. So, condition in Zend_Validate_Hostname at pos.600 fails ((strpos($domainPart, '-') === 0)) and domain becomes invalid.


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