ZF-12009: Framework is not case sensitive


Some modules are call with a wrong name for case sensitive systems (Linux by example). => Headlink instead of HeadLink => nav/menu.phtml instead of Nav/menu.phtml


We cannot fix this, it is up to the file system to respond in a case sensitive / insensitive manner.

the framework cannot possibly fix a developers incorrect use of filenames when the filesystem itself will respond in an insensitive manner, and likewise, cannot force the filesystem to respond in a case insensitive manner when it is a case sensitive filesystem.

I think your misunderstand me. It's not a developper issue but a framework one. We don't call the HeadLink module, the framework did. The case sensitive is not on our side, but in yours. Your framework ask for a wrong case module name, please check it.

Ok, my bad. I believe the developer, who has not respecting the case sensitivity of names... My apologies.

We're doing a ton in ZF2 to make case sensitivity a non-issue, but there's no way to accomplish it cleanly in ZF1 at this time -- which means you need to ensure you're using proper case when referring to modules, helpers, etc.