ZF-12030: page methods missing in library zend_pdf


saveGS, setAlpha, setStyle, rotate, clipCircle, drawImage, restoreGS, drawText are not in the pdf page class

/* $page->saveGS() ->setAlpha(0.25) ->setStyle($style) ->rotate(0, 0, M_PI_2/3); echo "Nach pdf-page-rotate.\n"; $page->saveGS(); $page->clipCircle(550, -10, 50); if ($stampImage != null) { $page->drawImage($stampImage, 500, -60, 600, 40); } $page->restoreGS();

$page->drawText('Modified by Zend Framework!', 150, 0)


and the Zend_pdf can not open original Adobe Extended CS4(CS5) created pdf files (Foxit created works!) Axel Arnold Bangert - Herzogenrath 2012