ZF-12046: Update Zend_Service_Amazon to continue to work with the Product Advertising API after 2012-02-21


Excerpt from… {quote} As part of our continued effort to ensure that Product Advertising API is an efficient and effective advertising tool, we've identified opportunities to streamline the API. Certain operations and response groups currently supported are infrequently used or are not aligned with the primary purpose of the Product Advertising API, which is to enable Associates to make money by advertising Amazon products in their websites and applications and sending traffic back to Amazon.

The changes, described below, will help us continue to provide you with relevant and useful features to advertise Amazon products. The following changes to the API will take effect on November 1, 2011: Associate Tag will be a required and verified input parameter in all requests to the API SellerLookup, SellerListingLookup and SellerListingSearch operations will no longer be supported by the API ItemPage parameter will be limited to a maximum of 10 pages for ItemSearch results MerchantId parameter will no longer be supported for filtering offers, variations and search results Merchants search index will no longer be supported Data returned by the Offers and ItemAttributes response groups will be limited to the most frequently used attributes The new Product Advertising API interface definition (WSDL) is now available. While your application may continue to operate after November 1, 2011 using older WSDLs, we will stop supporting all previous versions on February 21, 2012. Please upgrade to the latest WSDL before that date to ensure the continued operation of your application.

For more details about these changes, please click here.

The Product Advertising API Team {quote}


Is there a chance, this will make it into the offical branch or do I need to patch ZF by myself?

Anyone alive? 11 days until apps using ZF to communicate with Amazon will stop to work!

Norbert - can you provide a patch that also updates the test suite? If so, I'll apply, and we'll include in our next release (not sure if that will be a 1.11 release or 1.12.0 at this time).

As far as I see, the functionality used by ZF has not changed and the existing tests pass.

In at least the offline tests, the URL used is part of the assertions; as such, the tests need to be updated to ensure these pass.

If I execute, they pass. Both offline and online.

The patch above solved the problem for me.

Matthew: I checked the Zend_Service_Amazon test suite, and the only place I found mention of the URLs identified in the patch were in the XML files. I've corrected them in the attached patch.

The patch above solved the problem for me as well.

Fixed in trunk (1.12.0): r24780 r24782

Could someone with access to the Product Advertising API please run the online tests against trunk to ensure they still work as expected?