ZF-12068: Nirvanix service Imfs.php cannot be parsed.


When trying to instantiate the IMFS class in Zend_Service_Nirvanix the imfs.php cannot be parsed in PHP 5.3.8:

Parse error: parse error, expecting `')'' in Zend/Service/Nirvanix/Namespace/Imfs.php on line 71

Line 71: public function putArrayContents($uploadData[])

Should be: public function putArrayContents($uploadData)

This could be handled better for PHP 5+ by passing the array as ref also.


Could you please post the SVN revision ID of that file? (@version part of file-level docblock) I've checked that class in both SVN trunk and release-1.11.11 tag (click link to see each file) and neither have a putArrayContents method.

Apologies, this was not an issue. Was working with an old revision that I mixed with the latest. Thanks for giving me a reality check.