ZF-12071: "test_set_getLogger" testcase should be removed from QueueTest


$ phpunit Zend/Queue/QueueTest.php

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Zend_Queue::setLogger() in /home/kazusuke/dev/svn/zf1-standard-trunk/tests/Zend/Queue/QueueTest.php on line 74

test_set_getLogger should be removal. I think Zend_Queue::setLogger method was removed after matthew 's review.


Other errors exposed by running {{phpunit34 --bootstrap TestHelper.php Zend/Queue/QueueTest}}:

// Misspelled
PHP Fatal error:  Undefined class constant 'VISABILITY_TIMEOUT' in tests/Zend/Queue/QueueTest.php on line 68
// Not require_once'd
PHP Fatal error:  Class 'Zend_Config' not found in tests/Zend/Queue/QueueTest.php on line 87
// Correct method is getOptions()
PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method Zend_Queue::getConfig() in tests/Zend/Queue/QueueTest.php on line 103

Fixed in trunk r24670 Merged to release-1.11 in r24671

Changes have already been made in ZF2 Zend\Queue\QueueTest