ZF-12113: Zend_Test error messages should be more verbose


It shows messages just like this ```. This makes tests hard to debug.

It would be nice to show also the actual value (the way standard PHPUnit asserts work - they show expected and actual value).


Patch for Zend_Test_PHPUnit_Constraint_Redirect

There were 4 failures:

1) ZfControllerTest::testRedirectTo
Failed asserting response redirects to "/user/login/?red=foo"
It redirects to "/user/login/?red=%2Fuser%2Forders%2F".

2) ZfControllerTest::testNotRedirect
Failed asserting response is NOT a redirect
It redirects to "/user/login/?red=%2Fuser%2Forders%2F"

3) ZfControllerTest::testRedirectRegex
Failed asserting response redirects to URL MATCHING "~^[a-z].$~"
It redirects to "/user/login/?red=%2Fuser%2Forders%2F".

4) ZfControllerTest::testNotRedirectRegex
Failed asserting response DOES NOT redirect to URL MATCHING "~[a-z].*~"
It redirects to "/user/login/?red=%2Fuser%2Forders%2F".

Patch for Zend_Test_PHPUnit_Constraint_ResponseHeader (only for assertResponseCode method)

There was 1 failure:

1) ZfControllerTest::testResponseCode
Failed asserting response code "404"
Was "200"

Do you think we can have this in 1.12? I hate having to maintain our patched ZF.

Fixed in SVN r24851.