ZF-12201: Zend_Filter_HtmlEntitiesTest fails on Windows


Windows 7 32bit, PHP 5.3.8, PHPUnit 3.4.15, ZF revision 24790

There were 2 failures:

1) Zend_Filter_HtmlEntitiesTest::testStripsUnknownCharactersWhenEncodingMismatchDetected
Failed asserting that  contains """".


2) Zend_Filter_HtmlEntitiesTest::testRaisesExceptionIfEncodingMismatchDetectedAndFinalStringIsEmpty
Expected exception from single non-utf-8 character


Problem is that latin1 dash is happily encoded into HTML — and therefore it's not removed in 1 and exception is not thrown in 2. Not really sure why this happens. The content is safely escaped but the tests make wrong assumptions. Based on that I marked the issue as Minor.


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