ZF-12248: Zend_Date::WEEKDAY_SHORT not behaving as documented


When using


the expected result is "Weekday (Name of the day, localized, abbreviated, two to four chars)" according to:…

(Zend/Date.php line 604):

$day = Zend_Locale_Data::getContent($locale, 'day', array('gregorian', 'format', 'wide', $weekday));
return $this->_toComment(iconv_substr($day, 0, 3, 'UTF-8'));

The is simply taking the first 3 characters in all cases.

When setting a different locale (e.g Welsh) these are the translations that are stored for 'wide'

Dydd SulDydd LlunDydd MawrthDydd MercherDydd IauDydd GwenerDydd Sadwrn

Therefore all the days just come back as 'Dyd'. The code should make use of 'abbreviated' which is already stored (for Welsh at least). ```


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