ZF-12258: Zend_OpenId_Consumer incorect verify on openid_claimed_id


yahoo send an #fragment for identifier reciclying see http://developer.yahoo.com/openid/faq.html

on line 316 if ((!empty($params['openid_identity']) && $params["openid_identity"] != $id)

it will fail, and not according to the specs.

AS http://openid.net/specs/…



Proposed solution :

  1. Revert http://framework.zend.com/issues/browse/ZF-4358 on Zend_OpenId normalize (and use as standard Normalized, without fragment http://openid.net/specs/… )

  2. Modify on Zend_OpenId_Consumer as 316 if ((!empty($params['openid_identity']) && $params["openid_identity"] != $id

replace 316 if ((!empty($params['openid_identity']) && $params["openid_identity"] != Zend_OpenId:normalize($id)