ZF-12285: Error in Zend_Date timestamp to date format conversion using "YYY : Year according to ISO 8601, at least three digit"


The following piece of code get me the wrong year piece in the timestamp to date conversion result;

$date = new Zend_Date(1356974896, Zend_Date::TIMESTAMP); $str = $date->get("MM-dd-YYY");

I get '12-31-2013' instead of '12-31-2012' as expected. Other timestamps that fall into 2012 work ok though...maybe something due to the last day of the year ?

This same piece of code was working and returning correct dates for a long time, I just got this reported to me for specific entries, the common denominator as I was saying is that they are all of 12-31-2012.

Hope this input helps.

Regards, Gonzalo.

Regards, Gonzalo.


This is now fixed as of r24880 on trunk, and will release with 1.12.0.

Basically, it's an issue with the "o" format identifier; first and last week of the year cause issues, and are often reported with the previous and next year, respectively. (See and look for the "o" format in there for details.)