ZF-12346: PHP Indirect modification of overloaded property


I'm using zendAMF 1.11.12 Release (r24992) with Yii 1.1.10.r3566 Indirect modification of overloaded property Client::$id has no effect occure at Zend\Amf\Parse\Amf3\Serializer.php(499)

FILE \Zend\Amf\Parse\Amf3\Serializer.php

495 switch($encoding) { 496 case Zend_Amf_Constants::ET_PROPLIST: 497 //Write the sealed values to the output stream. 498 foreach ($propertyNames as $key) { 499 $this->writeTypeMarker($object->$key); // THIS LINE HAS BUG 500 } 501 break;

Error occure because __get method return object read-only, but foreach require read-write mode. So, i've fixed it simply:

498 foreach ($propertyNames as $key) { 499 $data = $object->$key; 500 $this->writeTypeMarker($data); // fixed bug 501 } But i think that's not best experience.


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