ZF-12386: Zend Framework doesn't support Dojo +1.7 async=true


Dojo has changed the way to load the modules, now they support AMD to load them asynchronously, making it faster.

When we set up Dojo in our application it automatically add this code: //

Producing an error as dojo is not defined, but the real problem is the way it's defined the required sentences.It should be like this:


There is already a solution in place here:… . ¿Is there any possibility to add something for the next versions of Zend Framework?




Please look at the comments in this issue: ZF2-17.

Ok, so no dojo till 2.0. that's a shame but I agree you may have some other things to work on...

I will think about not using Zend_Dojo instead as actually it's the problem.