ZF-12416: Zend_Gdata_YouTube_VideoEntry::getVideoTags() broken


{{getVideoTags()}} always returns a blank array because Zend_Gdata_Media_Extension_MediaKeywords doesn't have the tag data.

The tags are in Zend_Gdata_App_Extension_Category along with the category and other information. The only way to tell tags from category's apart is by using the scheme.

Some who is a bit better with Zend could come up with a more elegant solution but this is the basic code I used to get the tags:

$tags = array();
foreach ($video->getCategory() as $category) {
    if ($category->getScheme() == '') {
        $tags[] = $category->getTerm();

I am using the latest SVN version 25051 at the time of posting.


This is a intended change to the YouTube API

This is a intended change to the YouTube API…

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