ZF-12427: Documentation needed for adding parameter requirements via Zend_Application_Resource_Router


The manual section for Zend_Application_Resource_Router shows an example of how to create a route with parameter defaults, but it does not show how to add parameter requirements. This is important because while the key "defaults" is spelled out, for some reason the key "requirements" has been abbreviated in the code as "reqs". As a result, the correct syntax should be:

resources.router.routes.route_id.route = "/product/:product_id"
resources.router.routes.route_id.defaults.module = "default"
resources.router.routes.route_id.defaults.controller = "product"
resources.router.routes.route_id.defaults.action = "info"
resources.router.routes.route_id.reqs.product_id = "^\d+$"


Patches added. (English and German)

@[~aballard] Thanks for reporting!

Patch applied on trunk (25088) and release-1.12 (25089)