ZF-12434: Zend_Service_Rackspace_Files getObjects returns up to 10000 objects


{{getObjects}} by default only returns a list of up to 10000 items.

The Rackspace docs say :

"The system will return a maximum of 10,000 Object names per request. To retrieve subsequent Object names, another request must be made with a 'marker' parameter. The marker indicates where the last list left off and the system will return Object names greater than this marker, up to 10,000 again. Note that the 'marker' value should be URL encoded prior to sending the HTTP request. If 10,000 is larger than desired, a 'limit' parameter may be given. If the number of Object names returned equals the limit given (or 10,000 if no limit is given), it can be assumed there are more Object names to be listed. If the container name list is exactly divisible by the limit, the last request will simply have no content."

If we want {{getObjects}} to return the complete list we need to play with the {{marker}} parameter but still a maximum of 10000 objects is returned.

I would suggest to specify in the documentation for {{getObjects}} that a list with a maximum of 10000 objects is returned.


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