ZF-12443: i18n source files stack ( yes / no )



at first sry i hope this is the right place, for a issue for the ZF2 (Zend\I18n). But i dont see where i can select the ZF2 and the component list only show the ZF1 component.

EDIT: ok I see its not the right place. But the UI dont have an option to create a issues for the ZendFramework2.

Question: Please correct me if I'm wrong. But currently we dont have somethinge like a transelate stack?

Case: ModuleA has some translation files ModuleB has some translation files Application use ModuleA and ModuleB

On the first hand over the domain_text can both use the own files. But on the other hand what if they are phar files and I want/must customize some single Translations.

As developer I can work with the current state. But with the thought some customer want to customize their software. I want find the best solutions for both sites.

Yours truly


I'm sry for my fail,

I see now that the ZF2 use the issues tracker from I will add a issues at the right issues tracker.

thanks for your time