ZF-12452: Zend_Json_Server parameter default value NULL'd


{{Zend_Json_Server}}, line of code 550, default parameter is NULL'd even if it exists with value other than NULL, which can cause major issues.

$orderedParams[$refParam->getName()] = null;

Should be:

$orderedParams[$refParam->getName()] = $refParam->getDefaultValue();

Dejan, Site5


Are you able to provide example code that shows this problem?

Actually, I can see that this needs fixing by inspection!

Fixed on trunk (25084) and release-1.12 (25085)

Yes Sir, I would be happy to provide code but as you can see, it is pretty obvious that it gets null'd regardless of default value. I've tested it numerous times and then rewritten entire _handle method because of some other implementation issues. Thanks!