ZF-12468: Zend_Soap_Client has no 'exceptions' flag.


The Zend_Soap_Client class does not allow the SoapClient option 'exceptions' to be changed. Further to this, it doesn't actually enable it by default, meaning that if there's a SoapFault then a fatal error is thrown.


Could you provide a working example of what you mean?

Also, if you could sign the CLA (…) and provide a patch, I'm happy to review it.

Sure, which version should I create the patch for? It affects ZF2 as well, although the CLA says it's not needed for ZF2.

For ZF2, you don't need a CLA - just follow the guidelines at

For ZF1, you do need to sign a CLA and send to Zend. Once you've done that, you should provide a patch file against trunk (…)

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