ZF-12487: Zend_Config_Yaml does not parse embedded PHP


In using {{sfYaml::load($fileUri)}} I have become accustomed to embedding PHP code, specifically constants, within my Yaml files. Running {{sfYaml::load}} natively handles the embedded PHP fine, but when I attempt to use Zend_Config_Yaml with 'decoder' passed in as an option, the embedded PHP code gets treated as a string of text.

After looking at the source code, it appears that line: 169 is the culprit. The file_get_contents call parses the yaml file as a string with no regard to embedded php code, instead it should use output buffering like {{sfYaml::load()}} does.


$config = new Zend_Config_Yaml($fileUri, 'nav', array('yaml_decoder' => array('sfYaml', 'load')));

$nav = new Zend_Navigation($config);


array (size=1)
  'nav' => 
    array (size=2)
      'Admin' => 
        array (size=5)
          'groups' => string '<?php echo UserPlugin_Api_Group::ID_ADMIN . PHP_EOL ?>' (length=54)
          'render_if' => string 'logged_in' (length=9)
          'label' => string 'Admin' (length=5)
          'uri' => string '@fakeUri' (length=8)
          'pages' => 

Notice the 'groups' line, instead of: {{'groups' => string '<?php echo UserPlugin_Api_Group::ID_ADMIN . PHP_EOL ?>'}}, it should read: {{'groups' => int '1'}}

To maintain the ability to parse embedded PHP code, I'd suggest adding a check to see if the {{yamlDecoder === array(CLASS, 'decode')}}, if so, then use file_get_contents, if not let the passed in callback handle the parsing of the yaml file.


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