ZF-12542: Zend_Service_Rackspace_Files: getCdnUri() always returns false


The following methods always return false:

Zend_Service_Rackspace_Files_Container::isCdnLogEnabled() Zend_Service_Rackspace_Files_Container::getCdnTtl() Zend_Service_Rackspace_Files_Container::getCdnUri() Zend_Service_Rackspace_Files_Container::getCdnUriSsl()

The problem is the same in each - it's testing for !isset($data[]) instead of just isset(...).

Please see attached patch (against r25292). I've also done a pull request for ZF2 at https://github.com/zendframework/…


Fixed on trunk (25293) and on release-1.12 branch (25294)

Thanks to Matt!