ZF-12543: exception 'Zend_File_Transfer_Exception' with message 'The given destination is not writeable'


creation of files (or directories) are permit in the directory specified by php.ini directive "upload_tmp_dir" but write on directory is forbidden (rename, move, delete)

Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Abstract use internal method _isPathWriteable() to check if a file can be created in its method _getTmpDir().

After tmpDir is defined, method setDestination() is called and it's simply a call to php function is_writable that return false in our case (so exception is thrown)

Why not use the same method - _isPathWriteable() which create a test file - to check if a file can be wrote in directory ?

context: zend framework: 1.12.0 (but seems exists in 1.12.3) php 5.4.0 os: windows server 2008


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