ZF-1290: Tables and paragraphs in Zend_Pdf


Lack of tables is a major show stopper to create many types of reports. The same goes for paragraph text with specified width. Any plans to implement those features?


I see this has already been raised, sorry for the duplicate.

Assign to Alexander.

Depends on document representation model, which should be designed before.

Postponed to post-1.0 period

Hi, are there any news with this?

What are the next planned steps for the document representation model?

Unassigning Zend_Pdf issues currently assigned to me pending decision on ZF 2.0 release timeframe and potential contribution of comprehensive changeset.

Alex, please evaluate and decide if/how we should act on this.

Bulk change of all issues last updated before 1st January 2010 as "Won't Fix".

Feel free to re-open and provide a patch if you want to fix this issue.