ZF-1483: Zend_Filter_Alpha has problems with utf8 strings


filtering a string like "grzegżółka" will cause problems

there is need to have regex with PCRE_UTF8 enabled to perform correctly.


return preg_replace('/[^[:alpha:]]/', '', (string) $value);


return preg_replace('/[\p{^L}]/u', '', (string) $value);

should work fine


Resolved with SVN r5099.

I can see why this change was made, but for me it is causing problems on certain platforms. On some, the extendes PCRE syntax "\p{}" doesn't seem to match anything. I could quite figure out what exactly is causing this problem. Up to now, I tried the following platforms:

Not working: Fedora Core 5, PHP 5.1.6, PCRE 6.3 Fedora Core 6, PHP 5.1.6, PCRE 6.6

Working: Fedora 7, PHP 5.2.2, PCRE 7.0 Solaris 10 x86, PHP 5.1.5, PCRE 6.6 Debian Etch, PHP 4.4.4, PCRE 6.7

Maybe, you could amend the docs to state the exact prerequisites to get Zend_Filter_Alnum et al. to work. That would surely help me a lot. :-)