ZF-1549: Add 'init' hook to Zend_Db_Table, Rowset and Row


It would be great to have an 'init' method to use for overridden objects so that the constructor doesn't need to be altered.


Assign to me.

Categorize as Zend_Db_Table.

This would be a very simple addition to each of the classes, but what is an example use case for it? I can't think of any.

Having a clear use case is important, but as a side comment I want to point out that although one could write a solution as follows with no "hooks":

class MyTable extends Zend_Db_Table_Abstract
  public function __construct($options)
    // pre-init code
    // post-init code

However, "Call Super" is considered an anti-pattern:

Assigning to [~peptolab] to be resolved with the approved Zend_Db_Table enhancements proposal.

Resolved in r7508