ZF-1685: Zend_Db Manual Bug at example 9.11


A bug was brought up by aaroncampbell on the manual for Zend_Db at Fetching Key-Value Pairs from a Result Set

$result = $db->fetchAAssocssoc('SELECT bug_id, bug_status FROM bugs');
echo $result[2];

I think it meant fetchAssoc, but this section is about using fetchPairs()


Is this an issue with Zend_Debug or Zend_Db? Is this an issue in section 9.1 or 9.11 of the manual (btw, there is no section 9.11)?

I appreciate the issue report, but please try to be more accurate with the details when you make such reports.

Recategorize as Zend_Db issue. Reword summary.

I see you did say it was example 9.11. I understand now.

Sorry for the confusion, I forgot to place a link there… ;)

Fixed in revision 5579.

Change fixed version to 1.1.0.