ZF-17: Add documentation chapter which describes encoding processing, including Unicode characters support, Windows ANSI encoding and internal Symbol and Zapf Dingbats encodings


The built-in Symbol and Zapf Dingbats fonts require the use of Unicode source strings. (See the lengthy discussion on the mailing list: <…>)

Need to add some more complete discussion on this and a few more examples to the manual.


The basis of this documentation will be the "Symbol and Zapf Dingbats" section of the release notes comment in ZF-6.

Pushing to 0.2.0; can't finish today.

Changing fix version to 0.6.0.

Has this been addressed? This either needs to be fixed or closed. Better yet- both! :)

Unassigning this issue so that it is available someone in the community to pick up.

Documentation actually needs additional chapter where encoding processing must be described deeply. It must also mention an importance of correct iconv library installation and configuration (see ZF-2387 issue to take an example of iconv() problems)

This doesn't appear to have been fixed in 1.5.0. Please update if this is not correct.