ZF-170: Zend_Filter_Input iterable


Make Zend_Filter_Input implement iterator such that the key names from the input array can be determined and filtering done in iterated ways when operating in strict mode.


Updated priority and fix versions.

Changing fix version to unknown.

Changing fix version to 0.9.0.

Yes, this is on my TODO list, although someone else is welcome to implement it. :-)

Can you give some use case examples for how you'd like to use this feature?

This patch resolves this issue

Patch needs to be applied to svn, but is resolved.

Reopening issue so that it can be addressed in SVN and resolved post-0.6.0

{{Zend_Filter_Input}} no longer exists, but certainly the use case of mapping filter and validation chains to data containers should be supported nicely. I would encourage writing a proposal to illustrate the ideas, explore use cases, and outline possible solutions.