ZF-1701: CalendarOnlineTest::testCalendarOnlineFeed() needs assertions/tests


{{Zend_Gdata_CalendarOnlineTest::testCalendarOnlineFeed()}} does not contain any assert statements and so is pretty much dead code. As a result, it should be augmented with assertions for testing.


Assigning to [~rboyd] to initiate issue review.

Resolved in SVN r9297

Reopening and assigning to [~rboyd] so that this test can be augmented with actual assertion testing methods.

Updated summary and description

Removing fix version.

Wrote test testCalendarOnlineFeed(), mimicking testCalendarListFeed()

Note: The test makes the assumption that the Google Calendar test user's default calendar name is the same as the value of constant TESTS_ZEND_GDATA_CLIENTLOGIN_EMAIL. This is the default behavior for new Google Calendar accounts.

Fix in trunk r23875

Fixed in 1.11 in r24596