ZF-171: Need a tool to aid users in reporting their environment/config when reporting problems


We receive too many issues without information about the deployment environment (e.g. PHP version and extensions used).


Reassigning to Gavin, who has already been working on the issue.

Changing fix version to unknown.

Points of Pain: * reports of "mail" problems that relate to their underlying sendmail implementation used by PHP's mail() function and Zend_Mail (would be good to test) * those not using web server rewrite rules sometimes encounter problems (it would be good to collect all environment variables in PHP into a structured report provided by Zend_Environment) * known bugs in various combinations of xdebug, PHP, and PHP extensions (e.g. some version of gd have memory leaks) * etc.

At this time, simply having very basic functionality in ZF core library would be quite beneficial and allow the community to help contribute to enhancements (e.g. additional tests).

We have archived Zend_Environment, so such a component will need to be proposed again. Assigning to myself for now.

I was keeping this open to collect votes, but we know that we'll need such a component soon regardless of votes and it really should be handled with the proposal process.