ZF-1764: Inline documentation for calendar sample code uses old name (Calendar-expanded.php instead of Calendar.php)


In demos/Zend/Gdata/Calendar.php, the following command is currently listed to run the sample code:

bq. /usr/local/bin/php -f Calendar-expanded.php

This is using the old name of the Calendar sample code. This should instead be changed to:

bq. /usr/local/bin/php -f Calendar.php

Or even better (since the user might not have PHP installed in /usr/local/bin):

bq. /usr/bin/env php -f Calendar.php


Fixed in SVR r8746

Did this make it in to 1.5.0? If so, please update JIRA.

No, I thought it into 1.0.5 if 1.0.5 is scheduled. Now it is not in 1.5.0.

Looks like this got merged into 1.5 with r8973