ZF-177: Make a constant for cleaning all expired cache except the accessed ones.


e.g. constant CLEANING_MODE_ALL_NOT_ACCESSED should work same as CLEANING_MODE_ALL but should remove only files not accessed for $time (which should be option). Or make a method for this.


CLEANING_MODE_OLD mode is not a perfect way but can do a part of the job.

An unix cron with a "file" command can help too.

I agree with you but I set the priority to minor (and not major)

I agree.

BTW The more generally this feature request (posibility to delete only not accessed files) should be combined with CLEANING_MODE_OLD as well.

I don't think all filesystems write the 'accessed' timestamp as they should on read. However, this feature being an option, one could choose to use it on systems that don't have trouble with this.

I support this!

but it won't work with "non files" backends (like sqlite, apc, memcached...)

After some time to think about it, I find this proposal too specific :

=> it will work only with the File backend and only on some configurations of the File System (accessed tag is not always updated)

Moreover, on the functional point of view, I think it's not really a realy usefull option (comparatively to CLEANING_MODE_OLD)

So, I propose to close this "feature request".