ZF-1797: Zend_XmlRpc_Client doesn't handle Zend_XmlRpc_Value Objects as parameters


$time = time(); $params = array( new Zend_XmlRpc_Value_DateTime($time) ); $result = $client->call('', $params);

In Zend_XmlRpc_Request::_getXmlRpcParams() is parameter converted (damaged) via Zend_XmlRpc_Value::getXmlRpcValue to empty array.


Assigned to Matthew

Scheduling for 1.1.0

This patch should solve this issue. UnitTests passed OK on this.

Scheduling for 1.5.0RC2

Applied in trunk and release branch, with a corresponding unit test. Oddly, the test ran with or without the patch; I'll look at it in more detail later.